Sunday, 19 March 2017

AW139 helicopter

Irish Air Corps AgustaWestland AW139
Italian Air Force HH-139A
Irish Air Corps AW139 carrying a Bambi Bucket
Irish Air Corps AW139 winching
Irish Air Corps AW139 with Irish Army Ranger Wing fast-roping

Cost: €12.5 million [source]

Features of the AW139 Utility Helicopter include:
  • A large, unobstructed cabin of 8 cubic metres.
  • Large main cabin doors on both sides of the helicopter with low sill height for easy ingress and egress.
Military support capability:
  • 8 equipped (115kg) troops / 280 nm range.
  • 8 equipped (115kg) troops / 150 nm range + 380 kg of additional equipment. 
  • NVG capability (night vision).
  • External underslung load up to 2720 kgs.

Air ambulance Capability: 
  • With 3 crew, 2 medics, 1 patient and neo-natal equipment it has 140 nautical miles radius of action.

  • Maximum cruise speed of 167 kts.
  • Range in excess of 400mn on standard fuel tanks.
  • IFR capability (instrument flight at night).
  • 3-axis digital automatic flight control system (DAFCS). 

Other features:

  • Powerful Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67C engines.
  • Modern ‘glass cockpit’ based on 4 screen LCD, colour display
  • Low pilot workload through ergonomic design and cockpit management aids.
  • High tail rotor (2.3m clearance) for ground safety
  • Improved stability on the ground through long wheelbase and wide track.

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